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Elevating Your Wedding Experience

The #1 Wedding DJ Company in San Diego &
Southern California

More than just DJs, we are a passionate group of professional entertainers who want to create memories that will last a lifetime.  We are the curators who will transform your reception into the ultimate celebration.  Let us show you that the value of a memorable experience is priceless!

Kick off your celebration with a proper Grand Entrance!
Creating priceless memories on dance floors across Southern California!

Our Story

From Raves & Nightclubs to  First Dances & I Do's

Founded in 2014, The Wedding Entertainment Collective has been helping couples create unforgettable memories all across Southern California and even Mexico.  With roots in the rave & nightclub scene, we are sure to keep your dance floor electric all night long. What began as a one-man operation, has grown to a team of a dozen professionals who are dedicated to elevating wedding entertainment across the industry. Get to know our team and let's make your wedding the event it should be.

Our Core Values allow you to celebrate your love with the people you love most!

Our Core Values



If you want us to play one song on repeat for the whole night, that's what we'll do.  All jokes aside, this is your wedding and we will play the music you want.  We can also guide you through the selection process with custom playlists for every formality.  No matter the genre, we will help you create the soundtrack to your Happily Ever After.



We believe your wedding should feel smooth and have a tailored flow throughout the night and we rigorously prepare for every wedding we do.  We utilize a state-of-the-art planning app that will allow you to share your music and create your timeline the way you want it. From timing of your music to how you want to be introduced, we'll make sure all the details are covered. 



Let's face it, there's a lot of production that goes into a wedding: speakers, the DJ booth, microphones, lighting, etc.  We utilize the best equipment in the industry and pride ourselves in making sure that it not only functions the way it should, but that it looks clean and professional at all times.  If our equipment makes it into one of your pictures we want it to look like it belongs there.



Your special day deserves nothing less than the best. From your wedding planner, to your photographer and caterer, we work WITH everyone involved to make sure your day is, in fact, your best day ever. From keeping your photo/video team ready for the next shot to helping the venue staff move tables, we do whatever it takes to keep the show going.

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